Describe any five hair removal techniques

Q. Describe any five hair removal techniques

Ans: Depilation creams: This is the cheapest temporary hair removal method. A depilation cream is applied to the hair to be removed.

Shaving: Blades are used to trimming or cutting the air. Shaving doesn’t affect hair growth.

Tweezing: A pair of tweezers are used to pull out the hair at the root level.

Waxing: It is considered as one of the oldest methods of hair removal. Since waxing removes extra hair, a skin may become red or pink.

Laser treatment: This treatment helps in 80% improvement in permanent hair reduction.

Electrolysis: This the only permanent hair removal method as it destroys the hair follicle.

Bleaching: It is actually not a hair removal method. Chemical agents are
used to discolouring hair.

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