English Model Question Paper 2021 with Answers

English Model Question Paper 2021 with Answers

Q. What is the home of an ant Called?

Ans: The home of an ant is called a nest which is underneath small mounds raised a little above the surrounding fields where the ants live. There are chambers and galleries inside the mound.

Q. Where was Swami when his father asked him to go to school?

Ans: Swami was lying on a bench in his mother’s room when his father asked him to go to school.

Q.What was Mr. Samuel teaching when Swami stood at the entrance to his class?

Ans: When Swami stood at the entrance to his class Mr. Samuel was teaching arithmetic.

Q. How do you know that animals sense the approach of an earthquake much more quickly than human?

Ans: The animals sense the approach of an earthquake much more quickly than human. This we know from the behaviour of the animals at the Impending approach of an earthquake. They make hide ones nose and unushal behaviour. Birds wildly fly, does jump and run. The crows caw loudly.

Q.Who was Mr. Mc Cabe and what happened to him during the earthquake?

Ans. Mr. MC Cabe was a British Official in Shillong. He was an ICS Officer: He was killed when his house collapsed during the earthquake of 1897.

Q. Why was Gandhiji’s mother not willing to let her son go to a foreign soil?

Ans: On inquiry Gandhiji’s mother came to know from some people that the young men from India in England were lost. They took to meat and would not live without wie. So Gandhiji’s mother could not trust him and in a distant land and was unwilling to let her son go to England.

Q. Describe the role of Becharji Swami in making the decision final?

Ans: Becharjt Swami was a family adviser of Gandhiji’s family like Joshi. When Gandhi’s mother was not willing to send her son to England he came to Gandhiji’s help. He said that he would get the boy solemnly take three vows and than he would be allowed to go. He administerd the oath that Gandhi would not touch wine, woman and meat. Then only his mother granted Gandhi her permission.

Q. Describe the experience that speaker gathered in his college?

Ans: At Samueldas College Gandhi found himself entirely at sea. Everything was difficult. He could not follow let alone taking interest in the professions lectures. It was no fault of theirs. The professors in that College was regarded as first. role. But Gandhiji was raw. So his experience at the College was not at all good.

Q. Narrate some of the problems according to Severn Suzuki to which adult have an solution.

Ans: According to severn Suzuki there are some problems to which adults have no solution. They are i. To fix the holes in the ozone layer. ii. To bring back salmen up a dead streams. iii. To bring back an animal, now extinct. iv. To bring forest that once were where there is now desert. v. To bring smiles to children without food, clothes, shelter, medicine and give them live and affection. vi. Not to do what they said. vii. To stop war and make the earth wonderful to live in.

Q. Why was the convict sent to the prison? Describe his life before sending to the prison.

Ans: The convict led a poor but honest life at first. Once his wife fell ill, and they had no food to eat. The year was a bad one, and the convict could get no work. So he had to steal to buy food for his dying wife. But he was caught. He pleaded them and told, why he had stolen. But they turned a deaf ear and sent him to prison. The life of the convict was a happy one before being sent to prison. He lived a simple life in a little cottage with his wife, Jeanette. There were vines growing on the cottage and they looked pretty with the evening sun on them. But one day his wife fell ill and the poor man, getting no work in that bad year, had to steal to buy food for his dying wife. But he was caught and sent to prison.

Q. How was the convict transformed in his heart?

Ans: The convict escaped from prison and became free. But he had to starve for six weeks. One midnight he came to the Bishop and demanded food. The Bishop treated him dearly. He fed him, warmed him with kind words. He called the convict his friend and asked him to sleep on the couch. He went to get coverings for the convict. Meanwhile, the eyes of the convict fell on the silver candlesticks which were a gift to the Bishop from his mother. When the Bishop went to bed, the convict took the candlesticks and went away. But he was caught by the sergeant and brought to the Bishop for identifying the candlesticks. The Bishop told them that the gentleman was his good friend and had given him the candlesticks. The sergeant had to let lose their prisoner looser. This moved the convict much. He was ashamed of what he had done. He decided to get to Paris. The Bishop blessed. him, which made the convict sob. He also gave him the candlesticks and showed a pat leading to Paris. The convict thanked the Bishop and departed. That’s how the convict was transformed in his heart.

Q. What was the blind belief that Mini has about the Cabuliwallah? Why did the Cabuliwallah have a relationship with Mini?

Ans: Little Mini had a blind belief about the Cabuliwallah that inside the bag of the Cabuliwallah, there were perhaps two or three other children like herself. This made her flee with terror to her mother’s protection. The Cabuliwallah had a special affection for Mini because he had his only little daughter, like Mini in the distant mountain home in Afghanistan. Mini always reminded him of his own daughter. He used to give her nuts, almonds. raisins and grapes.

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