Important Substance writing for Class 10 SEBA HSLC English Grammar

Important Substance writing for Class 10 SEBA HSLC English Grammar

1. Give the substance of the following passage:

One day Gautam Buddha saw in the street an old man bent with age and another day he saw a dead body. He asked his servant about these. The servant told him that everybody would grow old and die one day. Buddha became very sad to know this. For an hour he would sit and think what was the reason why the world was full of sadness. What is the use of human life, where there is death. After a time he became discontented with his life of pleasure in the royal palace. When he was twenty nine years. he decided to go out of the house. One stilly night, Gautam left his royal palace, while everybody was asleep. He wondered into the forest. He decided to stay there and seek the truth about human life.

Ans: Observing crippling old age and death Buddha turned sad and wondered why the world was full of sadness. He became discontented knowing that the reward of life is death. To know the truth about human life Buddha at the age of twenty lea home and went into the forest.

2. Give the substance of the following

Paper is one of the most important articles that we use in day today life. If there had been no paper, our civilization would not have progressed so fast. Great scientists write their thoughts on paper first and then carry out their experiment. Great enginees draw their plans on paper first and then build houses, bridges, dams, and so on. Great thought are written or printed on paper for every. One to read. If there was no paper we would not have all the good books that are available in the world. Without paper if would be difficult for the people of one country to know about the people of another.

Ans: Paper is one of the most important articles in our daily life. Our civilization would not have prospered without it. The scientist write their thoughts on papers. Engineers draw plans on paper. Great thoughts are written on papers. Without paper it would be difficult for people from different countries to know one another.

3. Give the substance of the following:

The value of man’s life is measured not by the number of days he has lived but the number of good deeds he has done. A man may live a long life without doing any great and noble work. Such a man’s life is useless and the man is forgotten as soon as he dies. But a man who does noble work for the benefit of mankind lives in the memory of people long after death, though he may live a short life here. Therefore, we should devote our precious days to the performance of noble deeds, as far as possible.

Ans: Long life without any great and noble work is meaningless of man doing noble work for this good of others is valued. Such a man is ever remembered by the people even after their death. So we should try to devote our lives to good and noble deeds as much as we can.

4. Give the substance of the following passage: 

A good citizen is not a man who gives up doing all the things he would like to do and does unpleasant things to please other people. Many of the men and women who made the greatest contributions to civilization just did what they really wanted to do. Charles Darwin who enjoyed studying animals and plants; George Stephenson who enjoyed building steam engines; Florence Nightingale, who wanted to look after the wounded soldiers of the Crimean war- all helped to make life. happier for us, and they did so by doing what they were interested in doing. But there were certain other people who also did what they wanted to do, and only made life more difficult for those who followed.

Ans: A man doing a good citizen nothing or doing unpleasant thing to please the people is not as good citizen. The greatest contributing to human civilization are made by the people dedicated to their duty. Charles Darwin, George Stephenson and Florence Nightingale are examples. They are the good citizens.

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