SEBA Class 10 English Grammar – Assam HSLC Exam 2020

SEBA Class 10 English Grammar Solved Questions for Assam HSLC Board Exam 2020. HSLC English Grammar for class 10 with answers.

1.Fill in the blanks with the right determiners:
(a) She bought__books she needed.
Ans: She bought the books she needed

(b) Ram did not give me_ money.
Ans: Ram did not give me any money
(c) He received __help from his teachers.
Ans: He received much help from teachers.
(d) __umbrella that I bought yesterday was lost.
Ans: The umbrella that I bought yesterday was lost.

2.Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions from the choices given in the brackets:
(a) Anil felt pity_ the thief. (for/to/on)
Ans: for
(b) I shall look _ the complaint. (about/into/for)
Ans: into
(c) Which hand do you write_ ? (in/by/with)
Ans: with
(d) The train was running _ full speed. (with/at/in)
Ans: in

3.Use the correct tense form of the verbs given in brackets:
(a) If I (be) you, I would not do that.
Ans: If I were you, 1 would not do that.

(b) I have not seen him since we (leave) school.
Ans: I have not seen him since we left school.
(c) The work (finish) by 4pm tomorrow.

Ans: The work will be finished by 4pm tomorrow.

4.Change the form of narration of the following sentences:
(a) Sangeeta said to me, ‘I shall not go to school tomorrow’.
Ans: Sangeeta told me that she could not go to school on the following day.
(b) He asked me if I could help him.
Ans: He said to me. “Can you help him”

5. Combine the following pairs of sentences into a single sentence:
(a) A man was running away, We saw the man.
Ans:We saw a man running away.
(or) We saw the man Who was running away.
(b) The stick is very short. It cannot reach the ceiling.
Ans: The stick is too short to reach the ceiling.
(or) The stick is SO short that it cannot reach the ceiling.

6. Fill in the blanks with right alternatives:
(a) A ..of cattle is grazing in the field. (heard/herd)
Ans: A herd of cattle is grazing in the field.
(b) He me a fool. (calls/says)
Ans: He calls me a fool.

7. Make sentences to show the use of any two of following phrases.
In front of: in no time far and wide, deal with
In front of: There is a tall tree in front of our school.
In no time: I shall come back in no times.

Far and wide: Her fame spread far and wide.
Deal with: The Principal deals with the teachers and the taught.

8. Correct the errors in any three of the following sentences:
(a) She does not know the alphabets.
Ans: She does not know the alphabet.
(h) A lot of things remain to be done.
Ans: A lot of things remains to he done.

(c) He talks much loudly.
Ans: He talks much loudly.
(d) Children has a quick growth.
Ans: Children have quick growth.
(e) Let us hear his speech.
Ans: Let us listen to his speech.
(f) The doctor saw my pulse.
Ans: The doctor kit my pulse

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9. Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) We have completed the arrangements for the fair. (Active)

Ans : The arrangements for the fair have been completed (Passive)

(b) I was displeased at his behavior. (Passive)

Ans : His behavior displeased me. (Active)

HSLC SEBA Class 10 English Grammar – Assam HSLC Exam 2020

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