Top 8 Motivational Quotes by Gautam Adani

“Every economic opinion is associated with a set of assumptions.” 

“The commencement of coal mining at Parsa Kente is a milestone event in coal mining sector.” ~ Gautam Adani

“I am not attracted to those politicians who are short on  vision and only want to make money. I like those who have vision.” 

“Investor confidence in Adani is fairly high, and most of our investors are long-term investors.” 

“Infrastructure sector is all  about building assets for the country. It is part of nation building.” 

”My investment strategy, which  is to focus on sectors that are  a national priority for India,  hasn’t changed.” 

“Either you are extrovert or introvert, and so I am an  introvert in that sense. I’m not  a social person that wants to  go to parties.” 

”Either you sit on the pile of  cash, or you continue  to grow.”