Write the uses of the following special tools/ equipment

Q. Write the uses of the following special tools/ equipment:

(a) Universal clutch holding tool
(b) Flywheel puller
(c) Pneumatic wrench
(d) Two post lift

Ans: (a) Universal clutch holding tool: This special is used for holding the compressed clutch when removing or installing the centre nut. This tool is mainly used for multi plate clutch of two wheelers.

(b) Flywheel puller: A flywheel puller is the only correct and safe way to remove a flywheel from engine of two wheeled vehicles. If any technician don’t used the recommended tool, there are chances of damaging the flywheel.

(c) Pneumatic wrench: This type of wrenches are used for accuracy and easy operations in automobile workshops. These wrenches are used where accurate torque is required on a nut and bolt. These wrenches are operated using compressed air.

(d) Two post lift: It is used for lifting a four wheeler and to perform the work under carriage of lifted vehicle. It consists of two columns and screws are fitted in each column.


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