CBSE Class 12 Web Application Sample Paper 2023 Solution [PDF]

CBSE Class 12 Web Application Sample Paper 2023 Solution [PDF]

1. Answer the questions on Employability Skills

i. ____________ is a state of feeling upset, annoyed and hopeless.
a. Aggression
b. Stress
c. Happiness
d. motivation

Ans: (b) Stress

ii. Reeta keeps detached and aloof, and is prone to introspection and fantasy. She shows little
interest in forming personal relationships and seems to be emotionally cold. Identify the
type of personality disorder.

Ans: Schizoid personality disorder

iii. Give examples of any two spreadsheet software

Ans: MS-Excel and OpenOffice Calc

iv. Name the term used to refer to an arrangement of cells in a horizontal (sleeping) manner in OpenOfficeCalc.

Ans: Ctrl +M

v. Who are Service Entrepreneurs.

Ans: A startup is a company that is in the first stage of its operations.

vi. Explain any two roles/ functions of an entrepreneur

Ans: Two roles of an entrepreneur are :

  1. Identifying entrepreneurial opportunity
  2. Turning ideas into action

Q. 2 Answer any 5 out of the given 7 questions

i. VirtualDub lacks ________ power of a general purpose editor.

Ans: batch-processing

ii. While creating a movie, credits should be added at the _________ of a movie.

Ans: End

iii. __________ a single package which bundles all free software from DVDVideoSoft to work with DVD.

Ans: Free Studio

iv. .ps image files are ____________ graphics file format.

Ans: Vector

v. An FLC is an Autodesk Flick movie and is a _________________ series of frames.
a. processed, uncompressed
b. raw, uncompressed
c. raw, compressed
d. processed, compressed

Ans: b. raw, uncompressed

vi. Krishh has written following code to display an object with name “controller” . his senior has instructed to rewrite the code so that the object controller is not displayed in the browser.

Ans: <param name=”controller” value=”false” />

vii. Only __________ supports the <object> tag for sound.
a. Google chrome
b. Safari
c. Netscape
d. Microsoft internet explorer

Ans: b. Safari

Q. 3 Answer any 6 out of the given 7 questions (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

i. Name the default view in Movie maker.

Ans: storyboard is the default view in Windows Movie Maker

ii. __________ can create 2D & 3D special effects and can work in two modes – as a
standalone application and as a “plug-in” :
a. MovieStorm
b. AVITrimmer
c. Wax
d. Cinefx Jashaka

Ans: c. Wax

iii. Give examples of any two multimedia elements

Ans: Two multimedia elements are :

  1. Image
  2. Sound

iv. Brij wants to run the sound file again and again forever. Which of the following
attribute of Embed command should be set to True to do so?
a. Autostart
b. Src
c. plug-ins
d. Align

Ans: c. plug-ins

v. The new______ tag in HTML5 markup allows web developers to add videos into a web page without any special plugins.

Ans: <video>

vi. If we don’t want to outsource video hosting to third-party websites, it’s possible to make a
video web-ready with the help of _______from

Ans: Free Video Converter

v. Free Video Coding is an online service which helps us to create a __________
a. images
b. web video player
c. sound
d. space

Ans: web video player

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