English Grammar for Class 10 SEBA HSLC–Assam HSLC Exam 2021

SEBA Class 10 English Grammar Solved Questions for Assam HSLC Board Exam 2021. HSLC English Grammar for class 10 with answers. English Grammar for Class 10 SEBA

1.Choose the right determiners from those given in brackets and fill the blanks.
a. His father is …… F.B.I. Officer (a/an/the)
Ans. an
b. Only ……. of the candidates were suitable (few/a few/the few)
Ans. a few
c. Did you buy …… bread to day? (some/any/many)
Ans. any
d. The man is….. older than his wife. (many/more/much)
Ans. much

2.Use the correct tense forms of the verbs given in brackets.
a. This road (run) from Guwahati to Jorhat.
Ans. This road runs from Guwhati to Jorhat.
b. It is time you (go) home.
Ans. It is.time your should go home.
c. The game had started before I (rach) the play ground.
Ans. The game has started before I reached the play ground.

3.Change the form of narration of the following:
a. He said, “I shall post the letter tomorrow.”
Ans. He said that he would post the letter the next day.
b. The teacher advised the students not to tell a lie.
Ans. The teacher said to the students, “Don’ttell alie”.

4.Frame sentences using any one pair of the following to show their differance in meaning-
amiable, amicable
Ans. amiable: He was amiable to all in his dealings.
amicable: They arrived at an amicable settlement of the quarrel.
b. quite, quiet
Ans. quite— The man was quite right in his actions.
guiet- They kept quiet while the teacher was in the class.

5.Change the voice of the following –
a. They asked the boy many question.
Ans. Many questions were asked the boy by them.
Or The boy was asked many questions by them.
b. The answer script are being examined by the teacher.
Ans. The teacher is examining the answer Scripts.

6.Combine the following pairs of sentences into a Single.
a. Where does he live? Do you know it?
Ans. Do you know where he lives?
b. He is not sincere. He is not honest.
Ans. He 1s neither sincere nor honest.

7.Correct the errors in the following sentences
a. Did he went to school yesterday.
Ans. Did he go to school yesterday?
b. Brahmaputra is a big river.
Ans. The Brahmaputra is a big river.
c. He came here just now.
Ans. He has come here just now.
d. It is raining since Monday.
Ans. It has been raining since Monday.
e. I have finishing the work yesterday.
Ans. I finished the work yesterday.

8.Fill in the blanks with the right preposition:
a. He left the town …… January, 23 (in/on/at)
Ans. on.
b. A man is known …. the company he keeps (to/by/at)
Ans. by.
c. Always beware …. false friends (on/of/to)
Ans. of.
d. He writes …… his left hand (with/by/to) .
Ans. with.

9.Make sentences with the following phrases-
Give up, take for, set up, at large.
Give up— He gave up all his bad habits.
Take for- His honesty was taken for granted.
Set up- They set up a camp there.
at large— The nation at large does not approve of the President.

10.Make a sentence each in the pattern of the following
a. I saw him sleeping.
Ans. They found me running. 
b. S+V+O+C
Ans. They made him king.

11.Translate into English:
a. অসমৰ প্ৰাকৃতিক দৃশ্য বৰ ধুনিয়া।
Ans. The natural scenery of Assam is very beautiful.
b.গুৱাহাটী অসমৰ এখন বিখ্যাত চহৰ।
Ans. Guwahati is a famous city of Assam.
c. তুমি গুৱাহাটীৰ চিৰিয়াখানা দেখিছানে।
Ans. Have you seen the zoo in Guwahati.
d. গুৱাহাটীত ভালেমান স্কুল আৰু কলেজ আছে।
Ans. There are many schools and colleges in Guwahati.
e. অসম ভাৰতবৰ্ষৰ এখন সৰু ৰাজ্য।
Ans. Assam is a small state of India.
f. ই ভাৰতৰ উত্তৰ-পূৱ দিশত অৱস্থিত।
Ans. It is situated towards the North-East of India.
g. যোৱা পূজাৰ বন্ধত মই চিলঙলৈ গৈছিলোঁ ।
Ans. I went to Shillong during the last Puja vacation.
h. আগতে চিলং অসমৰ ৰাজধানী আছিল।
Ans. Shillong was the capital of Assam previously.
i. বৰ্তমানে ই মেঘালয়ৰ ৰাজধানী ৷
Ans. Now it is the capital of Meghalaya.
j. ই এখন স্বাস্থ্যকৰ ঠাই।
Ans. It is a healthy place.

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