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Q. How can you provide a caring environment to a client?

Ans: To provide a caring environment you must:

1. Demonstrate a positive attitude towards work and other people.

2. Have a clean and neat appearance.

3. Show a friendly and courteous attitude to each other and to the clients. Always acknowledge the client, even if you are on the phone or with someone else.

4. Have high personal standards ofbehavior and conduct.

5. Be punctual, reliable and efficient. If you are running late for work, call the salon immediately. If you are running behind schedule, explain the delay to your client; most will understand. Apologize for the inconvenience and do not blame anyone.

6. Be reassuring to your client and put them at ease by your behavior. This includes devoting your full attention to the client. It is rude to chat with other staff while attending to your client, however professional discussion with co-workers is permissible.

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