Each individual has a unique personality. Keeping in mind highlight any four determinants of Personality.

Q. Each individual has a unique personality. Keeping in mind highlight any four determinants of Personality.

Ans: 1. Heredity – heredity is the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another. four aspects of personality we inherit i.e, body build, physical attractiveness, physical defects and health conditions from our ancestors.

2. Culture – Culture can be defined as the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society. We learn values and inclination from our culture and it shapes our behaviour. Behaviour defines our personality. Thus people born in different cultures tend to develop different types of personalities.

3. Family Background – Family is the smallest unit of society. Family is a group of people related by blood or marriage. The foremost influencer after heredity to shape personality of a baby is family.

4. Experiences in Life – Your personality might have kindness as a trait but repeated experience in your life where you felt cheated due to kindness can influence your this personality trait for future.

5. People We Interact With – “A Person is known by the company he or she keeps” is a common proverb. We interact with an array of people in our life like – neighbours, teachers, classmates, schoolmates, friends, cousin, colleagues, boss and even strangers etc. People who are alike us in attitude and value we persuade them and associate with them.

Q. The professional bodies working in Tourism sector always have their planned objectives. List out the four objectives of State Tourism Development Corporation.

Ans: The main objectives of the State Tourism Development Corporation are to:

1. Establish, develop, promote, execute, operate and otherwise carry on projects, schemes and other activities including running and maintenance of tourist vehicles to facilitate or accelerate the development of tourism.

2. Construct, run and maintain Tourist Information Bureaux and Centres in and ouside the State within the Country.

3. Publish and sell different types of material for the purpose of giving publicity to tourism.

4. Construct, lease out, take on lease, run and maintain tourist bungalows, tourist inns, youth hostels, hotels and cafeterias.

Q. Mr. Mohan is appointed in a Travel agency. He has to supervise the functions performed by different departments for the smooth functioning of Tourism business. Discuss any four activities performed by a Travel Agency.

Ans: 1. Information Provider: Travel agency acts a source of information for the tourists. The information can be regarding a destination to aid the customer in choosing a tour or about airline timings for choosing a flight of convenience.

2. Ticketing: Ticketing is one of the primary activities of the Travel agency. Ticketing refers to both airline and railway ticketing. Air tickets both domestic and international are provided by travel agencies and the travel agent.

3. Tour Packages: A travel agent also acts as a bridge between tour operator and the tourists. A tour package of any major tour operator can be bought from a travel agent. At times a travel agent can also help design a customised tour package as a tourist can get all the services – airport pick & drop, sightseeing, hotel accommodation, bus, train & air travel, documentation etc.

4. Documentations: The travel documents required for both Domestic & International travel are also provided by the travel agent. The various documents handled by this department is Passport, VISA, Health certificate etc.

5. Foreign Exchange: The currency of the country of travel is required by a tourist to visit the country. Some travel agents also double up as foreign exchange provider as they have permission from the RBI and issue travel cheques and cash as per the requirement and convenience of the customer.

6. Insurance: Few travel agencies also provide comprehensive policies of insurance in conjunction with listed Insurance companies (Government or Private) to the travellers.

7. M.I.C.E: is one of the prominent activities of a travel agency as it is a great revenue generator for the company. Travel agents liaison with the hotels & other service providers and arrange for the facilities and services needed to organise large scale conferences as well as meetings for corporate houses and associations.






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