SEBA HSLC Sentence Correction for class 10


H.S.L.C : 1994

Q. I can never forget you. (make it interrogative)
Ans : Can I ever forget you?
Q. My father does not like sweets. (Add a question tag)
Ans: My father does not like sweets,does he?
Q. He wants me to go. (Turn into a complex sentence)
Ans : He wants that I should go.
Q. He is the best boy in the class.
(change the sentence into positive degree)
Ans : No other boy in the class is as good as he.

H.S.L.C : 1995
Q. He takes a walk in the morning (Turn into interrogative)
Ans : Does he take a walk in the morning?
Q. The boy comes to school in time. (Add a tag question)
Ans : The boy comes to school in time, doesn’t he?
Q. He is so weak that he can’t move. (use too …… to)
Ans : He is too weak to move.

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